Our Philosophy

North Loop Fitness

North Loop Fitness has everything you need to get into the best shape of your life. We specialize in performance training, sport-specific training, injury rehabilitation, strength training, small group training and workouts for the busy professional who is trying to make the most of his/her time in the gym. With key card access to the gym and a wide variety of training equipment, our members can create a high-intensity workout and accomplish their personal goals on their own schedule. Not sure about what to do? Don’t worry, individualized workouts are the easy part, getting you out of your work attire and into workout gear is the challenge!

Conveniently located in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis, we offer free parking in front of the gym. Inside our gym, you will find an energized, fun and challenging environment. We pride ourselves on maintaining a welcoming atmosphere where comradery rules… so you can forget about the “meat market” atmosphere that you find in most gyms. Expect to find motivation once you step into North Loop Fitness.