Map showing North Loop Fitness gym location in Downtown Minneapolis

   800 Washington Avenue North
   Suite 108
   Minneapolis, MN 55401
   Click here for a Google Map


There is FREE parking in front of North Loop Fitness! There are free parking options all over the place, but this is Downtown Minneapolis, so you may have to spend an extra 60 seconds checking out the area. Here's how North Loop Fitness helps you park FREE:

  • There are 6-10 FREE parking spots in front of the gym.
  • Additional FREE parking is available on 8th Street (next to the Bunker's bar and restaurant) after 5 PM on non-Twins game nights during the week.
  • See Rob for a FREE 1-hour parking voucher in the parking ramp that is attached to the Tractor Works Building (just to the north of the gym along Washington Avenue N).

Now, if you live within 1 to 6 blocks of the gym, you may want to strongly consider running, walking or biking to the gym simply out of avoiding laziness. I suppose Rob could always pick you up and carry you via piggy-back... but then Rob would be robbing you of all of that fitness you could be getting!