As a former ‘fat kid’ throughout high school I was blessed with the not so flattering nickname ‘CHUNK’ which solidified my position as the funny fat guy. After barely passing military standards to enlist I finally started to realize my health had become a problem. After two tours overseas and 9 wonderful years in the ARMY I was the physical standard for every unit I served with.

Fast forward to civilian life I graduated from Mankato State University with a bachelors in Biology with a zoology emphasis. Although working with animals is my first love, I wanted more! Having experienced both ends of the health spectrum, I decided helping others change their lives was my new mission!

Over the past 10 years I’ve competed and placed in the top 5 in national bodybuilding competitions, collected NASM, ISSA, NETA training and nutrition certificates, and amassed my own team of competitors and fitness athletes with an impeccable record.

Having held every position within the health and wellness industry I can confidently say I have finally found my purpose, and the most conducive environment to carry out my dream of changing lives with my company Resolute Fitness!

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